3 ways to Avoid Unsightly Yellow Toe Nails

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yellow toe nails 3 ways to avoid it

Your toenails are yellow and brittle, no amount of nail polish can make them look better. You dread summer, because you want to wear sandals and fashionable open toed shoes, but your toes are not cooperating. While it is easy to treat a fungal nail infection, it can take a few weeks for your healthy nails to grow. It is better to avoid getting a fungal nail infection, which will make your nails unattractive. With 3 tips, we can help you avoid getting recurrent toenail infections.

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Keep it Clean

Not only you have to keep your feet clean, but your footwear too. Put your shoes under the sun, as the sun’s rays can dry out all the dampness. The UV rays can also kill the fungus spores. Do it as often as you can, as this can reduce odour in shoes. It is also important to keep your socks in clean condition, as they can also be a place for the spores to stick on until they return to your feet. Letting your feet dry out in the sun is also a good idea if you have recurrent fungal nail issues. Footware hygiene is important to avoid getting the dermatophyte from infecting your nails, as they thrive in damp and dark areas. If that pair of shoes has been giving you yellow nails, it is time to throw it into the bin.

Sharing is Not Caring

When you have a fungal nail infection, try to wear slippers when you are out and about in public places. Fungus can stay on wet areas like swimming pool and showers, to infect the next person walking by. Reduce your risk of getting yellow toe nails by putting on slippers while you shower. Even at home, not spreading the fungus and its spores around reduces the likelihood of people passing it around like a cold. If you have to go to a salon for a pedicure, you can always bring your own nail polish. Who knows how many nails that bottle of polish has been on? Things that you should not be sharing when you have fungal nail infections include shoes, socks and towels.


Feet Care Regularly at Home

Unless you know your salon sterilises their equipment after each use, you are better of looking after your own toe nails. Caring for your own feet at home, with your own set of tools allow you to look at your nails. Early detection means early treatment, and before your toes turn patchy white and brittle, you are on to it. And when your toe nails do suffer from fungal infection, clean the tools with hot boiling water after each use to kill off the fungus. Never share your nail care tools with other people.

Looking good in pretty sandals and open toe shoes is easy when you look after your own feet. If you are concerned about the look on your toenails, contact us and we can help you put them back in tip top shape. If you are a diabetic or your immune system is weak, fungal nail infection can turn ugly. Let us help you look after your toenails, keeping them nice and healthy is just one of the services that we offer in our clinic.