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Wart Removal Adelaide – Swift Microwave Treatment

Swift® Microwave Therapy is the breakthrough new treatment technique for treating warts. It is a superior alternative to painful cryotherapy, topical acids and surgery.

Plantar Warts are one of the most stubborn and persistent lesions we see on the foot. They have their own blood supply so they can repair themselves after traditional treatments.

Plantar Warts Removal Adelaide

The Swift® provides five advantages

  • Consistency – A repeatable treatment with predictable outcomes.
  • Cleanliness – No dressing, no smoke, no anaesthetics and minimal blood from cutting the wart.
  • Convenience – Its fast! Each wart generally has only 10 seconds of contact with the Swift®.
  • No side-effects or contraindications 
  • Confidence – Research shows it has an 83% success rate.

Swift® provides patients with an easy, effective and precise way of treating viral plantar warts (verrucae).

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The breakthrough is here: The Swift Microwave Treatment for Warts or Verruca

Swift Wart Removal Treatment Adelaide

How It Works

SWIFT Demonstration

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