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Lunula Fungal Nail Cold Laser Treatment Adelaide

Lunula Cold Laser is the breakthrough new treatment technique for treating discoloured fungal toenails. It is a superior alternative to time consuming nail paints, possible side effects from oral medications and pain hot lasers.

Discoloured Fungal Nails are one of the most stubborn and persistent problems we see on the foot. This is because the cell turnover is so slow in toenails.

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Lunula Fungal Nail Treatment Adelaide

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Lunula Fungal Treatment Adelaide

The Lunula Cold Laser provides five advantages:

  • Consistency – A repeatable treatment with predictable outcomes.
  • Cleanliness – No messy nail paints.
  • Convenience – Just place you box in the box for 12 minutes on each foot and have a coffee and read a magazine or your phone.
  • No side-effects or contraindications – unlike the oral tablet there are no side-effects or damage to internal organs
  • Confidence – Research shows it has a 80% success rate.

Lunula Cold Laser provides patients with an easy, effective and precise way of treating discoloured toenails.

How it Works:

The Lunula Low-Level Cold Laser uses two specific low-powered laser beams simultaneously to help destroy the fungus infecting your toenails and present in the nail bed and surrounding skin. Two laser beams used:

  • Blue (405nm)
    This laser directly and specifically attacks the fungal cells. It causes changes in the outer wall, weakening it significantly, and allowing the body’s immune system to attack and destroy the fungal cells.
  • Red (635nm)
    This wavelength acts on the body’s natural immune cells – strengthening them, making them more active and able to kill the weakened fungus. In addition, the red light improves blood flow, bringing nutrients and additional immune cells to the affected area which speeds up the eradication process.

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