AxIT Muscle Strength Testing Dynometer

The AxIT system is world class technology utilised at our clinic. We are currently one of the few Adelaide clinics to have access to this system, using technology which has previously been limited to elite sporting clubs.

It allow us to test & measure the strength and rate of force of many different lower limb muscles and movements.

We use AxIT to know where to start; it gives us a baseline. From there we can give you the road map to achieving your goals!

Axit Muscle System Adelaide

Establishing a baseline is necessary to identify which areas need the most attention. Thereafter, consistent treatment and rehab is essential in progression. The AxIT will measure without bias your progression from baseline to re-assessment periodically to achieve your treatment goals.

It keeps you more motivated as it keeps you accountable. You are far more likely to stick with your treatment program when you can see your improvements plotted on a graph through time (usually every 2 weeks).

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What does this mean for you?
  • Accurately being able to measure your strength
  • Determine if one side of your lower limb is weaker than the other side
  • Be crystal clear of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Able to monitor your progression over your treatment journey
  • Prevent injuries before they occur
  • Set expectations on recovery time

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