The Best Podiatrist in Adelaide

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the best podiatrist in adelaide

For the last few years, our podiatrist and founder of Adelaide Podiatry Centres, William Kuang has been voted as one of the 3 best podiatrists in Adelaide on Three Best Rated.

What does it take to be one of the top podiatrists in Adelaide? Three Best Rated base their decision on a 50 point inspection which covers criteria such as experience and history, reviews and awards and the ability to offer patients with a full range of podiatry services.

It’s evident from William’s high scores across all points in the inspection that he meets Three Best Rated’s definition of the best podiatrist in Adelaide but we think there is something more that can be added to this definition.

The philosophy behind Adelaide Podiatry Centres is simple – a commitment to providing high quality foot care to the Adelaide community. We believe that prevention is better than cure and that keeping your feet in good health is key to an active, healthy and pain free life.

top podiatrist adelaide

We want foot care to be available to everyone so our clinics are located in the premier Adelaide medical districts. We welcome new patients with a gap free initial assessment offer that includes a comprehensive history, lower limb assessment and video gait analysis, before we put together a detailed treatment plan for you. Our treatments are available for all stages of life, from children’s podiatry right through to adults and seniors.

Our team are on the cutting edge of podiatry treatment, keeping up to date with current and modern advancements across the podiatry profession. William gained his podiatry qualification right here at the University of South Australia in 2001 and has gathered extensive experience working at top Sports Medicine clinics in Melbourne before returning to Adelaide to open his own clinics. The podiatrists at Adelaide Podiatry Centres come from a range of backgrounds and experience but share the same passion for working one on one with their patients to achieve the best results possible.

We utilise advanced techniques and state of the art equipment in our podiatry clinics. William was one of the first podiatrists in Adelaide to utilise the first non-weight bearing foot scanner, replacing plaster casting in orthotic prescriptions for podiatrists. We offer Computerised Gait Analysis in-conjunction with a physical biomechanics assessment to identify alignment issues, injury and poor running or walking technique. When it comes to treatment options we provide 3D laser cut orthotics, custom designed and precisely manufactured for individual feet.

We treat a full range of conditions from plantar fasciitis and heel pain right through to hip, knee and lower back pain, all of which can be related to the health of your feet.

So, if you’re looking for the best podiatrist in Adelaide, join over 20,000 clients who choose Adelaide Podiatry Centres to get back on their feet and book an appointment with us today!

best podiatrist adelaide