Shoe Myth

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You Don’t Have To Break Into New Shoes

There are a lot of remedies and tips on how you can make your new shoes more comfortable to wear, from putting ice to stretch out the leather to wear the heels indoors until your new shoes feel comfortable, these hints serve to help stop feet pain in your new fashionable footwear. Unfortunately, these tips are wrong in one important point: shoes do not need breaking into.

Shoe that Fits the Feet

A pair of good quality shoes will fit since the day you put it on, the soles support your arches and the back of the shoes will cup your heel comfortably and stop the feet from pronating when you walk. The toe box should have enough space to fit all your toes in, and not make squish them up in a tight space. The size of the shoes are not only limited to length, but width as well, which is why you should put on both shoes and take a little walk when you try them on. Another good shopping tip when buying a new pair of footwear, is to go later in the day, when your feet are at their biggest due to swelling.

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Features that Matter

Aside from a pair of shoes that fit comfortably well, other important features to a good footwear are the support and shock absorption. Look out for supportive insoles that provide superior arch support, or one that is removable so you can swap them with your own customised pair of orthotics. If you need extra heel support, the heel cup should not collapse when you press down on it. Of course, if a pair of shoes are fashionably outdated, you will not consider owning them either.

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If You Need to Break It, Don’t Buy It

Chances are the shoe that pinches you now, will pinch you for a long time. Leather shoes do not need stretching after you buy it, it should be comfortable from the day you own it. Those high heels are never going to be good for your feet, because they change your posture and shifts the weight towards the toe. If you have to have them, try limit wear time in them. When you wear ill- fitting shoes for too long, your feet are the ones that suffer.