3 Tips to Prevent Overuse Running Injuries

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Tips to prevent running injuries

It is terrible when you suffer a running injury: first you are unable to train, and then you are also feeling pain when you walk. When you are injured, it is hard to keep training, as the pain can discourage you from putting 100% in. All the hard work that you put in disappears within a week if you stop. Hence, you have to find ways to prevent getting a running injury while you train. Studies show that running injury is common, 75% will suffer from an injury that takes a long time to recover.

Avoid Repetitive stress

One of the most common running injuries is caused by repetitive stress. When you constantly use your feet muscles the same way, they fatigue quickly. To avoid repetitive stress injuries, first you have to know the threshold of your body. It is not to stay in the comfort zone, but rather allow your body to rest between higher intensity training sessions. You train to become stronger, and allowing your legs proper rest can help the muscles and tendons heal.

Address Errors


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The top cause of overuse running injuries is doing it wrong. You can be either running way to fast, or trying to conquer your personal best too quickly. It is easy to think that you can do it, but harder to admit that you may be doing something wrong. The general rule of thumb is increasing your difficulty and intensity in ten percent increments, so that your body has enough time to adapt. If you think that your gait is causing issues like stability and running speed, pop into our clinic and we can help you perform a gait analysis.

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Variety is good


Running at the same speed, and going around in the same route can be boring. Your body can memorize the route, and adjust your running subconsciously. Hence it can feel like you have hit a plateau. You do not have to constantly run fast, sometimes having short bursts after a slow jog can activate the brain. Overuse injury can also happen when you run on the same surface. Change the route can train your brain and body to remain sharp and constantly vigilant, and to notice any potential hazards when you are running.
Running is an enjoyable exercise: you can increase your stamina and fitness, as well as taking in breaths of fresh air on your run. If you do have any running injuries that need to be looked at, we can help you get your feet back into tip top shape.