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Adelaide Podiatry Centres are committed to {providing high quality|delivering the best} foot care to the community from our 2 clinic locations in North Adelaide and Eastwood.

At Adelaide Podiatry Clinics we {provide diagnosis, treatment, and management|aim to provide a wholistic approach to treatment} for your current foot and leg conditions and injuries with our {experienced|reknown} team of podiatrists.

We {offer care and treatment|service local communities} throughout Adelaide including [suburb].

Dry needling is a technique that {is now considered the gold standard in releasing tight muscles|has become one of the best known ways to treat muscle tightness}. {It is a technique that consists of briefly inserting a small acupuncture like needle (approximately 0.3mm thick) into a trigger point within a muscle|In dry needling a small needle is inserted directly into a trigger point, causing muscles to relax}.

The needle is {inserted into the tight bands of the muscle belly|gently pushed into the tightest points in the muscle}, often referred to as trigger points. {Trigger points may develop in a muscle following an injury or over time as a result of repeated overload or stress to the muscle|Repeated overuse of muscles and injuries can lead to muscle tightness}. The insertion of the dry needle causes the muscle to contract briefly, known as a “twitch”.

Following the “twitch” the muscle relaxes and this in turn allows it to relax and potentially reducing pain.

{What Will My Podiatry Appointment Involve?|What To Expect At An Appointment With A Podiatrist?}

Initial consultation with a podiatrist will include {taking your medical history and assessment of your gait as well as the condition of your foot or ankle|a thorough assessment of your foot and ankle, as well as a gait assessment and medical history anaylysis}. {Assessment of your symptoms will allow your podiatrist to make an informed diagnosis, and to formulate a tailored treatment plan|By assessing your ankle and foot, and your symptions, our podiatrists will be able to propose a proven treatment plan}. We use advanced techniques as part of our treatment plans including gait analysisorthoticsshockwave therapydry needling and rehabilitation exercise programs so your treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

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