How to Help Your Kids Put Their Best Foot Forward

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Children’s feet grow fast, ask any parent with growing kids. They are also very active, from the day they learn how to walk, children enjoy exploring on their feet. If you have school- aged children, sports and outdoor activities are part of school life. Having feet problem is not uncommon, as your kids are on their feet a lot. Here are a few things to look out, so that you can nip the problem at its bud.

W- Sitting

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As pictured above, W Sitting is when your legs are folded underneath the body, into a W shape. Some say that it will result to pigeon toes, as well as changes in hip alignment. Bear in mind that this happens over long periods of time. Hence if your child is sitting in the W position, you can either opt the wait and see stance, or change the way the child sits immediately. The W- sitting is popular among children because it is easier to go into crawl position. If it is just a few seconds, it is fine to let them be. However, teaching them not to sit in that position can be quite a challenge. Perseverance is the key, as they are not always conscious about the way they sit.

Heel pain is Real

Children tend to complain that they hurt, but it is hard to tell if they need medical help. Heel pain is one of those issues where you think that it only happens to adults. In reality, children suffer from it as well. From ages of eight forwards, your children’s active lifestyle can have an impact on their feet. If your child is complaining about pain that is worse after sports, do make an appointment to see us. Aside from pain, you might notice that your child is limping or favouring one leg, theses are signs that show your child is indeed hurting.


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Feet Check

Warts, corns and calluses are just some of the things that you can find on your child’s feet. Their active lifestyle can mean that the feet suffers more wear and tear. The human papilloma virus can sneak into small cuts and then warts will grow at the bottom of the feet. Statistically, children are more prone to warts than adults. But they are not really harmful, resolving itself in about two years if you are patient enough. But if the fleshy growth is interfering with  your child’s daily life, then we can help remove it. We can use the freezing method, or by physically removing the wart.

For a child, being able to move around is important. Children who are active tend to do better in life as they grow up, hence feet care is crucial in helping them be at their best. We are happy to be part of your child’s growing journey, making sure that feet pain is not holding back any potential your child has. Plus, early detection and adjustments allows young feet to grow properly, leading to less issues and pain when they grow up.