Nike Vaporfly the Sub 2hr Marathon Shoe

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Facebook Live 14th November 2019

Currently in the running world, there are controversies regarding the racing shoes made by Nike. According to research, the nike vaporfly 4% and Nike Vaporfly next % as the name suggests, has shown to reduce energy expenditure by 4% when running. Now some of you might be thinking 4% isn’t much, but the most recent prototype “Nike AlphaFLY”, built specifically for Eliud Kipchoge to smash the sub 2hr marathon time, at the INEOS 159 challenge, became a success. Based on the current findings, 3% of the energy cost reduction is attributed to the foam whereas 1% is from the addition of the carbon fibre plate. Recently, a few have speculated the technology doesn’t actually reduce energy expenditure, rather, it dampens vibration through the muscles which in turn, reduces fatigue. It will be interesting to see what happens in the world of running. What are your thoughts on the shoe?