Did you know that painkillers lead to 3 deaths in Australia last year?!

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Facebook Live 9th October 2019

Pain killers:
Should we rely on them? The answer is no. Pain killers are one of the silent killers in the present world where up to 3 deaths per day were reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last year. They provide a quick easy masking effect that allows every-day Australians to get on with their lives without the interference of pain but the reality is, up to 750,000 Australians are reported to be addicted to painkillers. The most common demographic in this population are middle-aged men, between the ages of 35-64 years,  with a constitution of 2-3 times the amount of middle-aged women. Addiction to painkillers is very real and can be quite daunting especially with Codeine, the most common opioid painkiller, being found in your everyday painkiller: Neurofen Plus.
Instead of relying on painkillers, there are many conservative treatments out there that can help address the cause of the pain instead of being a temporary bandaid fix. Exercises are the best form of treatment for any musculoskeletal-related injury but knowing the correct technique and your body’s limits are important.