Pain Free Walk With Flip Flops: Here’s How

by | Jan 12, 2018 | shoes | 0 comments

Supportive Flip Flops
If you have been dreading going to the beach, because you have to wear those no- so- cheap yet rubbery slippers, here’s the thing: you don’t have to. With modern technology, you can finally enjoy wearing flat slippers that won’t hurt your feet. As more people adopt shoes with in- build supports, you can rest well knowing that this would not cost you your arm and leg.

Shoes that Fit

Our feet have arch and groves, which is why flat shoes can hurt you if you wear it for too long. Hence, when looking for slippers and flat shoes, pay attention to the insoles. They should be contoured to give your feet the comfort and support to stay painless.

Good quality inners

One of the reasons that you might shy away from normal flip flops, is that rubber can ‘bite’ and give you discomfort. Most good quality shoes prefer EVA foam, which offers better quality shock absorption. Plus EVA lasts a lot longer than rubber, giving you better value overall. You might never go back to ordinary rubber slippers after this.

Flip Flops

Superior Top Sole

When you are wearing shoes without socks, the sweat can reduce fraction and make walking a challenge. Good shoes have a top soles that helps absorb sweat, hence you can wear your shoes comfortably. Some shoes in the Vionic range have a leather lining for more comfort, and a toe posts that does not fall off after a few wears. You can feel confident walking out with good brands, knowing that you would not be limping back home a few hours later.

Pain Free

It is worth investing in a good pair of shoes for pain free steps. Summer should be fun and games, hobbling back in pain is not an option during these holidays. Come in to our clinics and try the slippers we have, you will be jumping with joy in no time,