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How would it feel like not looking and worrying about that wart on your foot?

  • Are you embarrassed by the warts on your hands and feet?
  • Worried that you or your child will spread it to the entire family?
  • Tired of putting on daily medications for months which just don’t work?
  • Gone to your GP or Podiatrists used acids and dry ice which hurt and blister?
  • Simply, do you just wish there was a magic wand which could get rid of these persistent warts in one fast swoop?

Plantar warts are a common problem we see at Adelaide Podiatry Centres. In the past warts were both our patients and podiatrists least favorite conditions to treat as they were so hard, painful, and slow to eradicate. Instead, we’ve invested in the latest world class technology treat warts. We have a special focus in treating this condition, and our niche are cases that have been chronic and difficult to fix.

Warts Adelaide

The breakthrough is here: The Swift Microwave Treatment for Warts or Verruca

Warts Treatment Adelaide

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Unfortunately, warts are like stubborn weeds in the garden. They are hard to kill, and they can spread. The only thing you can do is seek treatment.

You can try for months, daily applications of topical acids that don’t work. You can try painful dry ice…or you can try the gold standard treatment Swift Microwave which has the best success rate 83% (from 3 monthly appointments), which has no side effects, fast (usually five 2 second applications) and requires no arduous work afterwards.

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