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Sometimes toenails are not possible to cut. This may be because they are too thick, or you are not able to reach or see to trim them safely. Nails can also become ‘ingrown’ and subsequently very painful. If nail cutting is neglected, then toenails may eventuate to the ones in the below picture.

Moreover, fungal infections and ulcerations may occur underneath the nail. A podiatrist has the best sterile instruments to trim toenails and treat any ingrowing nails or fungal nails.

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Skin & Nail Care - Calluses
Skin & Nail Care - Corns

Calluses and Corns

A buildup of thickened skin anywhere on the foot is called a callus. It is the body’s attempt to create protection where too much force is applied on a particular part of the foot. A corn is a concentrated hot spot of callus in a smaller region. They tend to feel like a stone in your foot. Corns and callus generally form over areas on the bottom of your feet, in between toes and on prominent joints.

As mentioned, the cause of corns and callus is excessive force. This is in the form of pressure or irritation.

The force usually originates from one of the following three:

  • Shoes which do not accommodate your foot properly
  • Improper alignment of foot bones
  • Poor lower limb alignment.

A podiatrist initially treats callous and/or corn by removing the lesion. It can be as simple as shaving the thick skin. On average, most people have this procedure performed every 6-8 weeks. Corn pads, solutions, plasters, or paints containing acids and performing the surgery yourself is not recommended particularly if you suffer from circulatory problems or diabetes. Infection and scarring may occur, not to mention the damage, which you inflict on surrounding healthy tissue. It is important that the lesion is removed as this may lead to more severe lesions such as ulcers. However, ideally, podiatrists wish to address the cause, namely reducing the forces upon the foot.

Skin and Nail Care - Poorly fitting shoes
Skin and Nail Care - Running Shoes

This can be done by:

  • Footwear change
  • Stretching the upper of the shoe
  • Increasing cushioning
  • Silicon paddings/inserts
  • Manufacture of pressure deflecting insoles to Manufacture
  • Custom made footwear

Some patients inquire about the possibility of surgery for bony deformities such as bunions and hammertoes.

By treating the cause as well as the symptom we can usually retard the growth of the corn or callus. You may find that you may have to visit the podiatrist only every couple times a year instead. Some fortunate patients will have a total resolution of symptoms.

Another lesion that may need form is a wart and these should be addressed immediately as they can spread throughout your foot and also to others.

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