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Does shin pain stop you from reaching your sport and running goals?

  • Is shin pain ruining your training?
  • Do you get a sharp knife-like pain two thirds down the inside of your shin?
  • Does it ache when you cool down or the day after exercise?
  • Worried you may need to pull out the next big game or race due to injury?
  • Has shin pain completely ruined your training regime?
  • Is that shin pain stopping you from doing what you love?

Shin splints are prevalent in running, football, soccer, netball, and basketball due to extreme running amounts. It is in the 5 most common injuries experienced in those that run. Therefore, Shin Splints are one of the most common conditions we see at the Adelaide Podiatry Centres.

Shin Pain Treatment Adelaide

Gap Free Shin Pain Assessments*

We offer a GAP FREE ASSESSMENT* for shin pain under your health insurance.

Shin Pain can be a serious problem for you. It is a nasty condition and one that needs to be treated fast once it presents or ideally prevented in the first place. Often our patients will report that their pain compounds and worsens every run and that every time the pain comes on faster or is more painful when cooling down.

Shin Pain – The 6 Best Treatments for Shin Pain

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