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Knee Pain Adelaide

Does knee pain stop you from being active, fit, and happy?

Is knee pain ruining your day?
  • Are your knees sore when you run or play sport?
  • Do you dread stairs because your knees hurt?
  • Does it ache even when you are sitting down with your knee bent?
  • Want to avoid knee surgery?

0-20% of people experience knee pain. Approximately two-thirds of knee surgeries can be avoided by an appropriate rehabilitation program. Most knee pain can be resolved in 1-3 months.… over 20 years we’ve seen over 20000 patients. Due to its prevalence, Knee Pain is a condition is our third most common injury we see: about 10 cases a day. Our goal is to get your knee, pain-free without surgery.

Knee Pain Treatment Adelaide

Gap Free Knee Pain Assessments*

We offer a GAP FREE ASSESSMENT* for knee pain under your health insurance.

Knee Pain can be a serious problem for you. It’s a nasty condition and one that needs to be treated fast once it presents or ideally prevented in the first place. Often our patients will report that they just can’t get up and go anymore, playing with the kids gets harder and exercise becomes near impossible. It will be a major issue for you (and your exercise plans) if you don’t act early.

Knee Pain – The cause isn’t just from the knee; it can be due to issues in the hips and as low as the feet?

Knee Pain – The 5 Factors which cause Knee Pain with Running and Sport

The cause isn’t just from the knee; it can be due to issues in the hips and as low as the feet?

9 Step Guide To Fixing Your Knee Pain

Definitive 9 Step Guide to Fixing Your Knee Pain

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