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Children’s Heel Pain Adelaide

Sever’s Disease Treatment Adelaide

Are you worried that your child is limping whenever they are running or playing sport?

  • Is heel pain making your child’s play and sport a sad experience?
  • Do they ache when they exercise?
  • Are they limping halfway through sport?
  • Are they saddened as they can’t play with their friends anymore?

Heel pain is in the top 5 most common problems we see at Adelaide Podiatry Centres. In our clinic we see 5 cases per day and have a special focus in diagnosing and treating this condition, and our niche are cases that have been chronic and difficult to fix.

Children Heel Pain Adelaide

Gap Free Heel Pain Assessments*

We offer a GAP FREE ASSESSMENT* for heel pain under your health insurance.

The most common form of Children’s Heel Pain:

Sever’s Disease is most common in winter sports

The First Simple Tip to Try Reduce Heel Pain

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