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The feet are the foundation of the body. Flat and high arched feet lead to faulty alignment of the bones of the feet and legs often causes muscle and ligament dysfunction.  Flat feet (pronated) or high arched (supinated) feet are not necessarily a problem. Many people don’t get any pain from their flat feet, but they could be causing some of your feet, ankle, knee, hip or back problems.

Flat Feet Adelaide
flat high arched feet Adelaide

Having flat feet means you are putting more force on certain parts of your body. This leads to more pressure being put onto your achilles, calf, knee, hip or even your back. If your feet aren’t shock absorbing than something else needs to, leading to overloading somewhere else, especially if you play a running sport.

The causes of flat feet are many, but in the older age group decreased exercise and increased weight add to the mechanical disturbances of the foot.


The first thing we need to do is determine how out of alignment your feet are. We do this via a Computerised Gait Analysis. Those with Private Health Insurance can get this free of charge.

The best and first line of defense for a flat foot condition is a good supportive shoe.

However in more pronounced cases you may require an arch support or a 3D Scanned Laser Orthotic.

We can also prescribe a Podiatrist and Occupational Therapist designed exercise regime.

Flat Feet Treatment Adelaide
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