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Children’s Feet Adelaide

Are you concerned your children’s feet are not developing the way they should?

Shoes can be replaced repeatedly. A person can replace their knee and hip, but you can never replace yours or your child’s feet. You only get one pair for life.

  • Does your child suffer from knee or heel pain?
  • Are you concerned that their feet are flat, and their arches haven’t developed?
  • Does the way they stand and walk seem abnormal?
  • Maybe they fall over or seem clumsy?
Children's Feet Adelaide

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Compared to adult’s feet, children’s feet are very different. They are extremely flexible, and the bones are soft.

While your children’s feet are still growing, they are extremely susceptible to injuries caused by:

  • womb position
  • inappropriate footwear (usually too small and unsupportive)
  • hereditary influences
  • poor development

Each child develops at their own individual pace. They usually start walking at 10-24 months of age. Shoes are not necessary when they start walking indoors. Allowing infants to go barefoot or with socks on promotes the grasping actions of their toes. Some children will walk with flat feet, intoe (pigeon-toed), out-toed (duck-walking) or on their toes (toe walking). In most cases these variations are common and resolve. If these patterns persist after two years of age, or you have concerns, your child should seek help.

Children's Feet Treatment Adelaide

Conditions Affecting Children’s Feet

Heel Pain Adelaide
Heel Pain
Flat feet Adelaide
Flat Feet
Knee Pain Adelaide
Knee Pain
Intoe and Out Toe Gait Adelaide
Intoe/Out Toe Gait
Poor Knee Alignment Adelaide
Poor Alignment
Toe Walking Adelaide
Toe Walking

Unfortunately, children cannot always explain what they’re feeling other than saying it hurts. It is therefore vital for parents and people involved in the child’s upbringing, to pay close attention to the development of your child’s feet.

How to select a child’s shoe?

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