Back Pain Unexplained- Is it Your Legs?

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Back Pain Unexplained, Could be Your Legs

The scans of your back comes back normal, and your doctor frequently prescribes pain medication for your lower back pain. Lower back pain affects your daily life, as it limits your ability to move around. There is one more thing you can do for yourself: visit a podiatrist.

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The Bone Connection

Our body is linked via our bones, from our head to our toes. If there is nothing wrong with your back or spine, it could well be your feet that is the problem. Conditions like unequal leg length can cause the pelvis to tilt, resulting in an uneven distribution of weight on the spine. Aside from that, the condition can contribute to scoliosis, where your spine curves abnormally to accommodate the inequality.

A less common but easy fix is a very high arched rigid feet. While pronated or flat feet is a more common condition, the other end of the spectrum do exist. People with rigid feet and a high arch tend to have poor shock absorption when the feet strikes the ground. Hence, the knees are usually the first to feel the pain from shock, but the lower back will eventually feel it too.

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What can a Podiatrist Do?

Firstly, a podiatrist can assess if your feet is either of unequal length, or you have a high arch. Custom made orthotics are recommended if you are indeed suffering from one of the two conditions. The orthotics can help make the hip level again by lifting one high up, or provide shock absorption for those who require it.

Another thing that your podiatrist can help you with, is a biomechanical assessment. Through a video camera, the way you walk shows if you are putting too much pressure on your hip or back, which can also result in lower back pain.

If you have unexplained lower back issues, it is a good idea to see if your legs are indeed the cause of your pain. Fixing it is easy, and the benefits are long term and drug free. We are here if you need us, or share this post if you know someone who might need to see us.

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